The rental of Villa Monforte Barolo has the legal nature of “Tourist Lease” and will be concluded by NKS Srl, according to the prices advertised on the website in compliance with the terms and conditions laid out in the private agreement stipulated with the owners themselves. The property is rented out for self–catering (completely accessorized property, provided with linen and towels, but not with cleaning or personal care products)

According to the Italian national and regional law (LR 13/2017 - Regione Piemonte), the owner rents the property as a private individual and not as a company or accommodation facility therefore he cannot supply any additional hotel services (change of linen, midweek cleaning ecc.) during the guest’s stay. These services can be supplied only from third parties and directly paid by the guest on site. Moreover, when no guests are in, often the owner lives in the Villa, thus the rental is to be considered occasionally and not continuing and above all not as a business form. Being private house and for holiday purposes, it does not have standards or categories recognized at an international level, but does reflect in the architecture and in the furnishings the local traditions and the personal taste of the owner, therefore it is normal – as it is common in the house we usually live in – that there can be some small flaws.



NKS deals with minimum of 2 days rentals, for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks for the same client.
During October and November (peak season), if the stay includes the Saturday, a minimum of 3 nights is charged.



Once the reservation request has been received (via website/e-mail) NKS will e-mail the booking confirmation with bank details or process payment by credit card. The reservation is confirmed only when payment has been received.

For reservations made less than 60 days from the beginning of the stay it is necessary to proceed with the payment of the total stay.

Upon receipt of the balance NKS will send to the clients, by e-mail, the documentation regarding the reservation:

Rental contract
Directions to reach Villa Monforte Barolo



The present contract under Article 32 of the Tourism Code does not provide the right of withdrawal pursuant to the Legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, No 206 for contracts concluded at a distance. However, cancellation of the booking is possible, and must be sent in working days (Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 18.00) prior the arrival, which does not include the day of arrival itself and the one of the notification itself.



For the cancellation of reservation by the client, the following penalty fee will be charged:

30% of the total price (rental price for the booked period) in case of cancellation of reservation notified before and not later than 60 days prior the beginning of stay;

60% of the total price (rental price for the booked period) in case of cancellation of reservation notified between the 59th and the 30th day prior the beginning of stay;

80% of the total price (rental price for the booked period) in case of cancellation of reservation notified between the 29th and the 15th day prior the beginning of stay;

100% of the total price (rental price for the booked period) in case of cancellation of reservation notified within 14 days of the beginning of stay.



Changes requested after a reservation has been confirmed, do not bind NKS in the event these cannot be met. NKS will do everything to satisfy the client’s need, however, any changes or modifications, if accepted by NKS, will entail a fixed charge of Euro 50,00 for the client.



The descriptions published by our company corresponds to the state and have been written in the most truthful way.

What NKS offers the clients, is a way of life: the possibility to experience and learn the habits and customs of the local population by spending a holiday in private houses which represent Italian tradition and history and which do not respond to the categories internationally recognized, but follow the personal tastes of the owner. Any minor deficiency related to the characteristics of the architecture and traditions of the location cannot be considered as a ground for complaint.

NKS cannot be held responsible in case the property does not match the personal liking of the client, since the client has signed the contract, which it is clearly requested to carefully read the property’s detailed page in all its parts. Moreover NKS provides the clients with pictures, descriptions, videos, maps and detailed information about the Villa.

The Villa provides features and accessories that can guarantee a good degree of comfort responding positively to the needs of an international public.

If upon arrival, or during the stay the client should note serious inaccuracies in the description of the property, or if a problem should arise that he is not able to solve or minimize, the client can contact the NKS Customer Service Office, by calling +39 3486562575 from Monday to Sunday (9 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.) or the Customer Service number provided together with the final documentation. The client has to confirm the complaint by writing within 12 hours from the arrival at the property or from the acknowledgement of the problem via e-mail ( ). NKS will endeavor to solve the problem as quickly as possible to ensure guests a pleasant stay.

NKS, however, reserves the right for their representative to verify on site and during the stay of the holidaymakers the reasons for the complaint and any inaccuracies of the property owner, both inside and outside the property. If the client should present NKS a complaint after the end of the stay, no form of refund will be recognized. Client have no right to be refunded, unless they have contacted our office or representatives during their stay.

Furthermore, no refund will be recognized to clients who leave the structure on request of the owners due to lack of notification regarding people in excess or the presence of animals (the number of people in excess and the presence of animals must always be notified to NKS and accepted) or in the absence of payment of the security deposit requested upon arrival.

No form of refund will be given to Client who, in case of misunderstandings or problems, leave the property without prior written notice to NKS, or to client who decide to leave the reserved property earlier, with no valid reasons or serious inconvenience. No form of refund will be given to clients who decide to leave the property earlier without giving NKS written explanation and justification in advance, or who have not properly consulted the website and have found conditions not appropriate to them, or without giving the representative of NKS the chance to extenuating circumstances.

NKS does not recognize as grounds for complaint ascribable to NKS or the owner: weather conditions, presence of local fauna, mosquitoes and insect bites.

NKS does not recognize as grounds for complaint the lack of electricity, gas or water if this depends on government agencies, external circumstances or due to force majeure.

NKS declines any liability for possible inconvenience caused by third parties, i.e. maintenance of of public roads or restoration of buildings or similar in proximity to the rented properties. Moreover, the owners and NKS, refuse any responsibility for personal items and/or of value left unattended inside the property, especially if no preventive measures have been taken.

Refunds, if and when due, will be made at the end of the tourist season (no later than the end of December of the current year)



In the event that NKS is forced to cancel the clients’ booking for reasons beyond his control or force majeure, they will allocate, in agreement with the client, a new property with the same standard level of the one previously booked. In the event that the price of the new property is less than the previously booked property, NKS will arrange for a refund in favor of the client equal to the difference, whilst in the event that the price of the new property exceeds by 10% the sum paid by the client, the client, by accepting the proposed property, will be required to pay the difference of the higher price.

If the parties fail to agree to the substitution of the property, after receiving the written cancellation of the contract from the client, NKS will refund the amount paid less the registration fee. In no case will NKS pay hotel bills or of other kind of accommodation.





The website clearly displays what is included and what is detailed in the booking confirmation. Any additional services are on request, with supplement.


Use of heating and air conditioning:

The use of heating and air conditioning, in regards to temperature and period of use, is regulated by law. In general, heating can be used from Mid October to Mid April, for a maximum of 8 hours a day, whilst air conditioning can be used during the summer months.

Clients must follow these rules without fail.


Internet connection:

In regards to the ADSL and WiFi connections, slowing downs or malfunctioning can occur and be caused by atmospheric agents, network instability, and/or causes not attributable to NKS or to the owner. In case of malfunctioning the owner will do his best in order to solve any inconvenience, but we would like to specify that some connections could not be proper for works requiring the download of a big amount of megabytes. The connection of several devices at the same time can be the cause of a service malfunctioning.

Electric car charging:

It is not permitted to charge electric cars in the absence of a specific charge point and without the consent of NKS; in the event of failure to comply with this rule, the client will be required to pay any extra costs resulting from the use for the charging and any structural damage caused to the electrical system and/or to the property.



The expected arrival times are between 3.00 pm and 7.00 pm, unless otherwise agreed upon when confirming the reservation. The customer is recommended to communicate their arrival time so that the a NKS representative can be on site to welcome him and facilitate his admission.

Any changes regarding the date and time of arrival must be notified to NKS via e-mail or by telephone to the numbers on the final travel documentation (Customer Service) in order to better organize the check-in.

Departure from the property will be in the morning before 11.00 am, allowing access to NKS Representative to check the state of the property and to the cleaning staff to put the house in order at least an hour before the announced departure time. In the event that guest’s check-out before 08.00 am the owners, at their discretion, may require an extra charge which will be indicated at the time of the request for early check-out. The departure time, however, must always be communicated at least 12 hours beforehand.



On arrival at the property clients are asked to present valid ID (passport or identity card) for registration as required by Italian law, if not communicated before. Without these documents access to the property will not be guaranteed.



Before leaving the property, it is necessary that the NKS’ Representative checks with his guests that the state of the property is unchanged from the time of check-in.

In the event of accidental damage caused by customers, NKS’ Representave must sign the relevant form indicating any damage that has occurred with true, exact and complete statements. In this case, the customer is required to sign the form for acknowledgment and confirmation of the damage caused.

After careful evaluation, NKS will document to the client the extent and amount of the damage. This amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

If the damage is greater than the security deposit, NKS will issue an invoice for the difference and the client will be required to pay it within a maximum of 7 days.



At the time of booking, clients are required to enter the names and ages of the people who will be staying in the property in the Public Security Form, for the communication to the authority.



Any type of event is subject to NKS approval, therefore the request must be expressly made by the client sufficiently in advance and must be formally approved by the company; in case of approval the client has to pay the extra costs based on the number of people present at the event (and based on all other particular requests or need). Without formal authorization from the company and the Villa’s owner, it is not permitted to organize events in the villa (birthday or anniversary parties, weddings, private parties, etc).


INFANTS 0-24 months:

NKS will be happy to provide cots and highchairs for the children. The Villa offers the first cot, which is free of charge. For additional cots there is a cost of Euro 20.00 each per stay. Children who fall into this category are infants under the age of 2.



At the time of booking, guests are required to inform us of any pets they wish to bring with them. The owner may refuse access to dogs, depending on size and number. Charge for extra cleaning will be required on site.



Initial and final housecleaning are included in the rental price. The Villa must be returned in good hygienic conditions in all parts and accessories. If not, the client will be required to pay the cost needed for cleaning. If the guests do not dispose of waste from the property, NKS’ representative may ask for an additional charge for this service. The kitchen must be left clean and tidy. If, for any reason, including time, guests cannot clean the kitchen and the furnishings/fittings before their departure, NKS will be entitled to request an extra charge for it to be cleaned.



The pool will be open from April to November (opening in extra months will be regulated according to the weather conditions).

The gardener and property managers in general constantly work hardly in order to keep the garden in excellent condition at all times (with green and regularly watered lawns, cut grass, manicured flowers, etc.). However, it should be noted that the state of the lawns of the properties may not comply with the photos published on the site in the event of periods of severe and prolonged drought and / or in the event that there are municipal / government ordinances that rationalize or prevent the consumption of water for irrigation uses. In this case, NKS cannot be held responsible for any pejorative state of the gardens.



In the event of exceptional maintenance or intervention essential for the smooth running of the holiday the clients may not in any circumstances prevent access of the owners or the managers of the facilities to the property or the house. It is understood that the owners will always provide prior notice and will require the presence of the guests themselves, it being understood that where guests cannot be present during the work progress, the owners or their representatives can however enter the houses, if necessary, to carry out any repairs.



Based on the provisions of art. 4 of the Legislative Decree n. 23 of 14 March 2011) Italian municipalities with a prevalent tourist vocation can apply for the tourist tax, intended to finance interventions in the field of tourism including those in support of accommodation facilities, the maintenance, use and recovery of cultural and environmental assets, as well as local public services.
The fee per overnight stay, per person per night, is 2.50 eur.
Children under 10 years old do not pay.



Guests are kindly requested to comply with the standards of conduct in force in our Country, regarding good behaviour, and to have great respect for the owner and the structure in which they are staying. It is forbidden to move furniture around in the house, to take furniture and furnishings outside the house and/or to use them in a different way to which they should be used. In the event in which a guest does not respect the standards of good behaviour and this results in damage to the structure or the furnishings therein or to the outdoor equipment regarding the garden and pool, the owner will have the right, at his sole discretion, to consider the lease terminated via verbal communication to the guest and copy in writing to the agency and ask for the immediate removal of the client from the property with the right to appeal also to the police.

NKS denies any liability in the case of disputes between the client and owner. In the event of legal action the owner will provide the client with information about the competent court.




In accordance with Italian Law and European Community Law regarding guarantees for clients of the tourism sector and with the Regional Law, NKS has stipulated the following insurance policy:

Civil and general liability:

Third-party liability Insurance policy # 501794078 by Allianz SpA

This insurance covers the civil liability of NKS srl – Corso Re Umberto 2 – 10121 – Torino, Italy – in its role as tour operator.

This insurance has been stipulated in accordance with the C.C.V. (International Convention of Travel Contracts, 1970), the Directive Directive (EU) 2015/2302, the Regione Piemonte Law No. 15/1988 and and subsequent amendments.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy:

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Insurance policy # 40324512001292 by TUA assicurazioni SpA

This insurance covers the insolvency and bankruptcyof NKS srl – Corso Re Umberto 2 – 10121 – Torino, Italy – in its role as tour operator and protect consumers travelling in case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the vendor.

This insurance has been stipulated in accordance with the Directive Directive (EU) 2015/2302, and the Regione Piemonte Law No. 15/1988 and and subsequent amendments.



Personal data and other elements acquired by our company during the course of the assignment, will be subject to secrecy and will be treated in compliance with the privacy and the rights of the person through the systematic application on our part of appropriate measures of protection and guarantee prepared both for paper and electronic processing of data and measured to the specificity of the data itself (simple personal data or sensitive or judicial data).Pursuant to the effects of the UE 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation” we inform the client that his personal data will be processed only for purposes determined by the contract for such purposes (including for accounting and administrative purposes). Please also be advised that such data could be used for commercial and promotional activities pertaining to the services provided by Somewherein Italy, for this last use consent for treatment is required. The absence of the Client’s consent will not allow our Company to use the personal data to conduct commercial activities.

All the NKS documents are written in Italian and English (used as the official International language), all rules and regulations are determined and enforced by Italian Law.

NKS Registered Office: Corso Re Umberto 2 – 10121 Torino, Italy