Villa Monforte Barolo is managed by Nicoletta and Kim.

We are a couple in life and work, each with more than 30 years of experience in the tourism business.
Nicoletta, Italian, organised, mum, knowledgeable, tireless, creative.
Kim, Danish, full of "hygge" and humour, hardened traveler, father, tireless, thoughtful, caring.
Having both outstanding skills and expertise in event design and corporate travel, we will be happy to offer a concierge service for your perfect stay at Villa Monforte Barolo! 

Send your request and we will come up with a solution that works for you.

Should you be a larger group of family and friends, a corporate incentive, teambuilding, we have more villas, townhouses and hotel solutions in Monforte.

But not only in Monforte. Italy is our playground – where we create lifelong memories.

We call our event and incentive company, Somewhere in Italy. Here we are looking after a range of international companies, art foundations, top tier asset management clients etc.

We would be happy to assist you the next time you need to host your clients for a conference, build customer relationships, celebrate a record year with sales teams or with the entire company – see the home page for inspiration

Villa Monforte Barolo is a property investment – we are always looking for new investors and partners. Learn more about property investment powered by tourism